Women, Peace & Security

Women in Bangladesh promote hygiene in refugee camps amid coronavirus fears

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In her article for Thomson Reuters Foundation, Naimul Karim explains how Rohingya women in Bangladesh’s refugee camps have been mobilizing to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Key points include:

  • “(Women will) help carry out systematic preventative health and health promotion messaging in their communities,” said Louise Donovan, spokeswoman of the U.N.’s refugee agency.
  • Rohingya women, many of whom suffered sexual violence in Myanmar and who now run most of the camps’ households are uniquely positioned to spread awareness about the disease, said Razia Sultana, a Rohingya lawyer.
  • “More than 70% of the people in the camps are women and children. These children will pick up habits from their mothers, so its important to get as many women trained as possible,” said Sultana.

Read the full story here.