Issue No: 43/2021

COVID-19 Conflict & Resilience Monitor – 10 December 2021

During the COVID-19 crisis ACCORD's analysis is focused on the impact of the pandemic on conflict and resilience in Africa.

ACCORD COVID-19 Conflict & Resilience Monitor
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In the monitor this week, we begin with an article by Andrew E. Yaw Tchie, Senior Research Fellow at NUPI, about the recent political turmoil in Sudan. The article tackles the question of why the civilian-military transition in Sudan has been so troubled and what needs to be done in order to restore stability in the country. 

This is followed by an article by Asia Jane Leigh, a researcher at the Global Committee for the Rule of Law, focussing on China’s increased security role in the Sahel.  The article unpacks China’s interests in the Sahel and the reasons why we are witnessing a gradual increase of China’s military presence in the region.

Finally, we have a piece written by ACCORD’s Savannah Wilmot, Adam Randera and Caitlin Broeders, which reflects on the outcomes of the intergenerational dialogues that have taken place this year, the challenges to youth participation and the role that young people can play in building peace and security in Africa.

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ACCORD COVID-19 Conflict & Resilience Monitor
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COVID-19, Political Unrest or Violence

Navigating Sudan’s quest for democratic transition

  • Andrew E. Yaw Tchie

On 25 October 2021, Sudan succumbed to yet another coup leading to the dissolving of parliament and the declaration of a state of emergency. The coup dismissed the African Union’s mediated agreement of August 2019 – the joint civilian-military council designed to steer the country to democratic elections in 2023. The move was viewed as a way for the military to circumvent handing over the chairmanship of the Sovereign Council (SC) to a civilian government on 17 November.

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ACCORD COVID-19 Conflict & Resilience Monitor
Photo: UNMISS/Eric Kanalstein
COVID-19, Cross-border / Inter-State tensions

The Dragon’s Game in the Sahel

  • Asia Jane Leigh

On Sunday 29 October, Dakar hosted the Eighth Ministerial Conference of the China-Africa forum, the triennial high-level summit between Beijing’s delegates and state representatives from 53 African countries. Defence and security issues were crucial topics of this year’s discussion. Indeed, African states have vocally asked for more proactive involvement from Beijing, most evidently with Senegal’s Foreign Minister Aissata Tall Sall appealing to China for support in the fight against terrorism, organised crime and general instability in the Sahel.

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ACCORD COVID-19 Conflict & Resilience Monitor
Photo: UN Women Tanzania/Deepika Nath
COVID-19, Trust between Citizens & Institutions

Reflecting on 6 years of Youth, Peace and Security

  • Savannah Wilmot
  • Adam Randera
  • Caitlin Broeders

Young people are not just leaders for tomorrow, but are also leaders for today. This sentiment is echoed in the UN Security Council Resolution 2250, where there is the recognition that “young people play an important and positive role in the maintenance and promotion of international peace and security”.

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