Getting In: Mediator’s Entry into the Settlement of African Conflicts

This clearly-written and well-organised book sheds light on the previously unexplored area of mediation initiation and entry in violent and protracted African conflicts. By addressing the critical entry stage of mediation (including decisions to invite, initiate and accept such intervention), the authors have filled a significant gap in the existing mediation scholarship, which has largely […]

Conflict Trends 2007/3


Editorial By Vasu Gounden Towards Continental Transformation Understanding Sustainable Peace Agreements in Africa By Paul-Henri Bischoff The Peace-Justice Dilemma and Amnesty in Peace Agreements By Adam Penman Peace Agreements in Angola and Implications for Governance By Michael Comerford Peace Agreements in Burundi Assessing the Impact By Adelin Hatungimana, Jenny Theron & Anton Popic Peace in […]