Contribute to the COVID-19 Conflict & Resilience Monitor

ACCORD recently launched a COVID-19 Africa Conflict & Resilience Monitor that focusses on the peace & security implications of the pandemic for Africa. The monitor pays special attention to the following categories of incidents: 1) Stigmatisation & Discrimination; 2) Trust between Citizens & Institutions; 3) Livelihood Insecurity & Economic Impact; 4) Domestic & Gender Based Violence; 5) Crime related incidents; 6) Political Unrest or Violence, and; 7) Cross-border or Inter-state tensions. 

The Monitor, and the related work associated with its publication, also tracks peace processes implementation; any new initiatives that may be taken to prevent or manage C-19 related conflict; or that capitalise on the pandemic to negotiate new cease-fire agreements; or exacerbate already existing conflicts. 

The Monitor also covers developments and experiences relating to aspects of resilience across the economic, political, and social spectrum, spearheaded by Governments, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), and Inter-Governmental Organisations (INGOs). 

The Monitor welcomes original think-pieces from a variety of African and global experts and practitioners on any of the categories and related thematic issues listed above. Each submitted Think-Piece should:  

  • Approximately be between 800-1200 words;
  • Focus on a country specific issue; an issue in one or more countries; issues with a regional dimension; cross-cutting thematic issues; all of which related to COVID-19; 
  • Use hyperlink as a reference system. 

The Monitor will also accept original, and stand-alone generated, and researched infographic notes related to the above-mentioned categories

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