A gendered approach to conflict management, prevention and resolution

ACCORD works with the United Nations (UN) Women of Zimbabwe

ACCORD, in collaboration with the United Nations Women of Zimbabwe, has conducted a virtual conflict management, prevention and resolution training for Zimbabwean women.  The women, representing various networks in Zimbabwe, were brought together in two groups virtually, and the trainings took place  from 28-29 September and 5-6 October 2021. 

Conflict management expert, Dr. Martha Mutisi, facilitated the sessions and reminded the women of their strengths, skills and capacities as women in their roles as mediators and peace actors. The participants represented the African Women Leaders Network (AWLN) Zimbabwe, FemWise Zimbabwe, and the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC). They were provided with the opportunity to discuss conflict analysis and its relevance to peacebuilding, further their understanding of current gender-conflict trends in Zimbabwe, and to learn to differentiate between conflict intervention approaches. 

These discussions shed light on the multi-layered nature of conflict, and the need to understand conflict in all its forms. The discussions centered around Zimbabwe, and revealed that conflict eruptions often take place at a community-level before it escalates to regional or national levels. The delegates further discussed the impact of socio-economic downturns on neighbouring countries, causing migration, and raising the potential for conflict related to xenophobia. 

ACCORD looks forward to engaging in further sessions with UN Women of Zimbabwe, and will continue to enhance collaboration amongst the participants, enabling harmonised approaches to conflict prevention and encouraging  women’s meaningful participation in all peace processes.

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