ACCORD celebrates by helping to refurbish the amphitheater in Phoenix Settlement, Inanda.

ACCORD and mandela day 2015 - Group pic
ACCORD staff in front of Mahatma Gandhi's house

Each year on Mandela Day ACCORD practically supports the work of an NGO or community, boosting their efforts to make an impact. For the 2015 Mandela Day, ACCORD was supported the Gandhi Development Trust in the rehabilitation of the Phoenix Settlement in Inanda. This settlement, established in 1904 by Mahatma Gandhi himself, originally housed a printing press for a community newspaper, a clinic, a school a museum and homes, including Ghandi’s cottage. During the apartheid era it was an important resistance site, hosting meetings of activists. The site is currently used for lectures on the significance and role of Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa’s history, and houses museums, a clinic run by the Department of Health and an Early Childhood Development training programme.

A team of almost thirty ACCORD staff assisted the Trust by cleaning and repainting the amphitheatre where presentations are given to visiting dignitaries, school groups and organisations. In addition, the external surfaces of the rebuilt cottage and surrounding walls were similarly refurbished, accompanied by much chatting, laughter and perspiration.

ACCORD and mandela day 2015
Amphitheatre, before painting
ACCORD and mandela day 2015
Amphitheatre, ready for more visitors!

ACCORD would like to gratefully acknowledge and thank our kind sponsors who partnered with us on this 2015 Mandela Day with materials, donations and logistics: Aqua Transport, Light House Cabs, Remail-It, Plant Décor, Unicopy, Jetline, In Gear, KwikSpar and Process Litho. Their support enabled us to do more!

ACCORD and mandela day 2015
Walkway walls, before painting
ACCORD and mandela day 2015
Walkway walls, after painting

ACCORD was privileged to practically support the efforts of the Gandhi Development Trust to educate individuals and communities, including the immediate surrounding community, on how the values, practical example and writings of Mahatma Gandhi are still relevant to South Africa and the world today.

For more information please contact Wolfe Braude: Communications Manager