ACCORD creates dialogue between Youth Leaders and Security Forces in Burundi

Unique opportunity to exchange ideas and insights given to youth leaders and security forces during ACCORD's organised discussion.

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ACCORD brought youth leaders and security forces together in Bujumbura on 10-13 May 2010 to formulate violence prevention strategies in their communities in preparation for the 2010 local and national elections.

The fifty participants came from the Western provinces of Bubanza, Bujumbura Mairie, Bujumbura Rural, Cibitoke, Muramvya and Mwaro. Represented among the participants were political party youths, the army, the police, ex-combatants, university students and community workers. The session included training on election related conflict management, the Burundi electoral code, and a presentation on the role of Kenyan youths during the 2007 Kenya elections.

The session was facilitated by ACCORD Senior Trainer, Mrs. Kemi Ogunsanya, and ACCORD Senior Programme Officer, Mr. Adelin Hatungimana.