ACCORD hosted Round Table Discussion in response to recent Xenophobic Attacks in KwaZulu-Natal

Understanding and engaging with victims affected by the recent Xenophobic attacks in KZN.

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Round Table Discussion Xenophobic Attacks KZN

On 05 April 2019 ACCORD hosted a roundtable discussion at ACCORD House on the recent xenophobic attacks that occurred in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, against fellow African foreign nationals. The purpose of the roundtable was to understand and engage with victims affected by the attacks. The discussions further reviewed the existing response mechanisms to the criminal activities in South Africa. It was highlighted in the discussions that xenophobic attacks could potentially reoccur in the near future in response to the historical, systemic and institutionalized presence of intolerance in the region and country. The roundtable discussion sought to identify possible future collaborations to prevent, mitigate and build peaceful coexistence with various stakeholders, to encourage social cohesion.