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ACCORD ranked among top Think Tanks in the world in 2015

The University of Pennsylvania's Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program has recognised ACCORD's knowledgable contributions for the fifth consecutive year.

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For the fifth consecutive year, ACCORD is recognised by the Global Go To Think Tank Index the as one of the top-100 Think Tanks in the world. The 2014 Global Go To Think Tank Report is produced by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) at the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

In the 2014 report, ACCORD is proud to be recognised in a number of categories:

  • ACCORD is ranked 32nd in the category ‘Top Think Tanks Worldwide (Non-US)’ (P.62)
  • ACCORD is ranked 63rd in the category ‘Top Think Tanks Worldwide (US and Non-US)’ (P.66)
  • ACCORD is ranked 6th in the category ‘Top Think Tanks in Sub-Saharan Africa’ (P.69)
  • ACCORD is ranked 23rd in the category ‘Best Managed Think Tanks’ (P.118)
  • ACCORD is ranked 31st in the category ‘Best Use of Social Networks’ (P.134)

The 2014 Global Think Tank Rankings ranks the world’s top institutions from a pool of over 6600 Think Tanks, of which 467 are based in Sub-Saharan Africa. Data for the index is based on a worldwide survey, including:

  • 3,572 university faculty and administrators, journalists, policymakers, think tank scholars and executives, and donors
  • 1,950 functional area and regional specialists

More information about the report’s methodology and findings can be found in the final report:

These rankings pay testament to ACCORD’s unwavering commitment towards producing cutting edge knowledge on conflict resolution developments and trends both within Africa and throughout the world. Led by the institution’s Knowledge Production Department, ACCORD strives to produce experientially-based and academically rigorous knowledge, derived from our 23 years in the conflict management field, that is relevant to practitioners, governments, civil society and organisations within Africa and throughout the world.

ACCORD produces a collection of publications aimed at meeting the diverse needs of conflict management practitioners across the continent. ACCORD’s Conflict Trends Magazine (published since 1998) highlights current events for policymakers and practitioners while the African Journal on Conflict Resolution (published since 1999) is a peer-reviewed academic journal aimed at highlighting emerging thinking from the continent’s foremost scholars. Other forms of publications include Policy and Practice Briefs, Occasional Papers, and Special Reports.

Now in its eighth year, the Global Go To Think Tank Index has become an authoritative resource for individuals and institutions worldwide. It is an honour for ACCORD to receive these rankings for a fifth year running.