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ACCORD re-launches Occasional Paper Series

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ACCORD has re-launched their long-awaited Occasional Paper Series. The series will focus on exciting and diverse analysis of current and emerging conflict transformation research, theory and praxis. Through substantive treatment of a subject of current and immediate interest, the OPS will contribute towards a growing body of knowledge on broad and interwoven issues in the field of conflict resolution in Africa, and from a wide variety of sources across the continent.

The series is aimed at keeping policy-makers, conflict resolution experts and academics up-to-date with political developments in various parts of Africa.

The series will initially be disseminated to 3000 current subscribers to the Conflict Trends Magazine, which includes government ministries, academics, and international, regional, and national organizations world-wide. Once launched, this distribution list will be revised to target a more niche group of interested readers.

Five editions will be produced in the year 2006, and each paper will cover a single theme. All issues will be made freely available for download from ACCORD’s website in PDF format.