ACCORD takes up South African President’s call for solidarity

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Solidarity Fund

Over the #21daysLockdown in South Africa, let us all open our hearts, embrace our creativity, and share solutions to become the change we want to see.

With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading rapidly across the world, on Monday, 23 March 2020, South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa announced a 21-day lockdown to contain the spread of the virus, with infections tipping the 1000 mark and 2 deaths already recorded in South Africa.

As a South African based civil society organisation, ACCORD applauds the South African Government for its forward-thinking measures in its response to the #COVID19 pandemic. Tough times are ahead for many countries, and we support the call for a united South Africa and a united world.

The team at ACCORD has been inspired by this action, and is challenging colleagues, peers, families and the business community to work towards building solidarity and social cohesion in South Africa and globally. We are calling on everyone to donate to the @WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund; or if you are here in South Africa to donate to the South African Solidarity Fund. The Solidarity Fund, is to care for those individuals affected by pandemic and the government of South Africa has put in seed capital of approximately R150 million.

ACCORD has been resolving political conflict and building social cohesion throughout Africa over the last twenty-eight years, and will bring to bear on its experience through friends, partners and networks to emerge a stronger world; and ready to build a more responsible world. In response to the pandemic, ACCORD responded through the establishing a Task Team dedicated to preventing COVID-19 related conflict in our communities.

It is estimated that, on average, 1 case of COVID-19 infects up to 3 more so let’s take up the challenge. Help us to mobilize 3 people through #solidaritychallenge to beat the exponential spread of the virus with our own contributions to the health of the nation!

ACCORD begins the #solidaritychallenge as a way of encouraging both monetary and non-monetary contributions towards collective action and supporting the most vulnerable in all our communities.

Through this initiative, ACCORD and our Global Peace campaign have called upon our own solidarity. Our staff have raised over R 10 000 for the South African Solidarity Fund and are also creating an online platform to post all our training material to prevent conflict in our communities with specific courses addressing the risks posed by COVID-19.

We hope that you will respond and pass on the #solidaritychallenge to match or beat our donation and pass on the challenge.

We all have a story to tell, a unique experience and something to teach. Tell us how you are making a difference and how we can build a better world.