ACCORD/TfP supports the AUC validation of the Draft Maputo Strategic Five-Year Work Plan

28 Nov 2016


Bringing together representatives from the UN, African member states, and partners of PSOD to strengthen the capacity of the ASF.

Supported by ACCORD/Training for Peace Programme (TfP), the African Union Peace Support Operations Division (PSOD) convened a two-day validation workshop from 21-23 October 2016, to review and finalise the Draft Maputo Five-Year Work Plan for the African Standby Force (ASF) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The workshop bought together representatives from RECs/RMs, member states, the UN and partners of the PSOD. The participation of RECs/RM’s in the workshop was paramount and necessary in order to promote the required ownership and institutional mainstreaming of the document for PSOD to be able to present the draft work plan at the next STCDSS meeting for consideration and endorsement for final approval.


During the workshop the Draft Maputo Strategic Five-Year Work plan on the ASF was reviewed and inputs from the RECs/RMs were generated and harmonized from their respective work-plans in order to develop a comprehensive plan. The main outcome of the workshop was the ASF Strategic 5 Year Work Plan that takes into account the new and emerging realities and challenges in the peace, security and peace support operations theatre in Africa, while acknowledging the value and relevance of the strategic partnerships with key stakeholders to respond to conflicts in Africa.

On 23 October 2016, the workshop was dedicated to the official launch of the Civilian Strategic Support Group (CSSG), a coordination mechanism aimed at advancing the affairs of the civilian dimension of the ASF within the decision making structures of the African Union Commission (AUC). The CSSG was established following the decision by the 8th Meeting of the STCDSS that was held in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, from 13 to 15 May, 2015 whose role is, to champion and articulate the role of civilians in PSOs.

ACCORD remains committed to continue its effort to enhancing the operational effectiveness of the ASF and RECs/RMs through the development of many requisite operational capabilities and is in line with PSOD operational objectives.

The TfP programme at ACCORD is an initiative funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For more information on ACCORD’s work through the TfP programme, please contact Sibusisiwe Nkosi on

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