Gaining insight on Cabo Delgado’s (In) stability and population return

Observatório do Meio Rural - Rural Environment Observatory (OMR)

Assessing current security levels and migration movements in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique

The conflict in northern Mozambique remains a peace and security concern in the region of Southern Africa. As such, the Observatório do Meio Rural – Rural Environment Observatory (OMR) and Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) co-hosted a webinar titled, ‘How is Cabo Delgado?  (In)stability and Population Return’.  In order to obtain substantial and contextual statistics and analysis of the changes and developments on the situation in Cabo Delgado, ACCORD attended this webinar, which took place on 07 December 2022.  

Speakers included Peter Bofin (ACLED Investigator) and João Feijó (OMR Researcher), and the session was moderated by Assif Osman (CEO of the Osman Yacob Group in Pemba, Mozambique). The panel unpacked and discussed the security situation in Cabo Delgado and analysed the migration movements in the province. The discussion reflected on three angles, security levels in the province; circular migratory movements; and the decision of force majeure. Peter Bofin looked at the incursion in the south of Cabo Delgado, emerging issues and districts most affected in October and November 2022. Joao Feijo interrogated the varying motivations for the return and exit of populations in the province. 

The theme of the webinar aligns with ACCORD’s strategic objective five, contributing to evidence-based analysis, policy support and knowledge to complex conflicts. ACCORD remains resolute in its work towards peaceful resolutions to conflicts in the SADC region and the continent. 

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