Integrated Human Resources and African Standby Capacity Database Management training


Building capacities of the North Africa Standby Force Civilian Roster Focal Points

The African Union Commission’s Peace Support Operations Division (AUC PSOD) and ACCORD organized and facilitated an Integrated Human Resources and African Standby Capacity (ASC) Database Management training for the North Africa Regional Capability (NARC) Roster Focal Points for the African Standby Capacity (ASC) from 05 to 08 December 2022 in Tunis, Tunisia. This training followed on the recommendations from the 9th ASC Annual Coordination Meeting that took place in June 2022, which highlighted the need for the five regional roster focal points to undergo training on the ASC Roster recruitment and database management.

The training aimed to upskill the NARC Civilian Planning Element (PLANELM) on the updated ASC tools, which include the ASC Database, which is the primary IT tool used daily for the effective management of the ASC, and the Selection Guidelines Manual, which are the guidelines used for the recruitment of civilian experts on to the ASC Roster. Having a recently recruited officer at the NARC, the Roster Focal points were also taken through a refresher Induction Course on rostering as well as a Competency Based Interview (CBI) Training to familiarize the new officer with the necessary knowledge on managing the ASC Roster. The AUC PSOD and ACCORD will conduct a refresher course on recruitment and ASC Database Management for all five regions in 2023.

The Training for Peace (TfP) Programme continues to support the development and operationalisation of the African Standby Force (ASF). More specifically, the TfP Programme at ACCORD continues to focus on supporting the development of the civilian dimension of the ASF and remains committed to enhancing the ASC roster and the AU’s concerted efforts towards building a pool of ready-to-deploy civilian experts. The TfP Programme at ACCORD is an initiative funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Article by:

Rumbidzaishe Matambo
Rumbidzaishe Matambo
Programme Officer