Members of the Mediation Support Network collaborate online to learn lessons on the Pandemic

4 May 2021

The Mediation Support Network (MSN) is a global network of primarily non-governmental organizations that support mediation in peace processes. ACCORD, as a member of the MSN participated in the annual meeting that brings together members from across the globe to discuss on the trends and lessons shared on mediation practices. This meeting took place on 30 April 2021. 

Having forgone the meeting in 2020, due to the limitations on travel, the meeting was an opportunity to regroup and assess the ways in which each organisation has been able to adapt to its mediation work with the onset of the pandemic. Members were able to look at the opportunities presented, and the focus areas that institutions placed emphasis on to continue their efforts in mediation. 

Four working group sessions were established, namely:  ceasefires, dialogue, training and environment. Members, who joined the relevant groups, depending on their areas of work, reflected on the pandemics impact on these topics. ACCORD, having joined the session on training, engaged in the discussions that were able to firstly draw out the advantages and disadvantages on conducting online trainings. It enabled looking at the various approaches to online training, as well as the various tools available to increase the effectiveness of this method of training. 

The discussions were valuable in the sharing of experiences and lessons to advance mediation efforts in light of the current context. It further guided institutions who experienced challenges to find creative ways to overcome setbacks. A key focus of the discussions was on an emphasis of engagement at the national and community level. 

ACCORD will continue to collaborate with global institutions to share insights and lessons on mediation and conflict prevention practices for the effective implementation of efforts for sustainable peace in Africa.

Article by:

Marisha Ramdeen
Coordinator: Programmes