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Barbara Mohale

Programme Officer: Peacekeeping Unit

Barbara Mohale was a Programme Officer in ACCORD’s Peacekeeping Unit. She did her Masters in Peace and Security studies with the University of the Free State. She holds an Honours degree in Political Science from the same university. She was with ACCORD January 2013 until June 2016. Her responsibilities included supporting the senior programme officer in meeting the objectives of the unit.

Prior to joining ACCORD, Barbara was a junior political science lecturer and she was also a coordinator for the university’s extended student programme for the Department of Governance and Political Studies. She was part of the Executive Committee of the Student Representative Council (EC SRC) of Transformation at the University of the Free State, she also held the position of executive chair of one of the campus political organisation, which has dealt with issues of transformation and other political and social affairs. Her research interest were in peace and security studies, humanitarian interventions, and human security. She gained research experience in different political science fields such as public policy formulation and analysis, including research background on foreign policy.

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