Keegan Thumberan

DTP Operator

Keegan Thumberan joined ACCORD as a DTP Operator in February 2012. He has a National Diploma in Graphic Design and currently has 12 years of experience in the DTP/Graphic Design industry and has an extensive knowledge of the lithographic print process. He has previously worked at companies such as The End Studios (Signage and Design), Alba Lithographers, iTalk Cellular (In-House graphic designer), Fresh Paint Advertising and Design Agency and Pinetown Printers.

His role at ACCORD is to translate work into digital files ready for print or to be placed online and the production of publications, communication products, corporate and conferencing materials.

Keegan looks very forward to being part of contributing towards peace in Africa through his work at ACCORD. He says “It’s actually been my nature all my life… so it’s probably destiny that I’ve been afforded the chance to be part of ACCORD”.

Having worked with ACCORD’s Senior Graphic Designer Immins Naude in the past, he believes that together they will be a very positive and productive team in meeting the requirements of ACCORD’s Communications Department.