Manjula Marimuthu

Coordinator: Operations & Business Development

Manjula has a 15-year history in the NGO sector working in project management, business operations, business systems and procedures as well as business development. She has entrepreneurial experience with a nine-year business practice supporting women empowerment. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, a Higher Diploma in Strategic Management Studies and is a Certified Life Coach amongst other shorter courses completed over the years.

Her career started in the corporate support sector, she later spent six years at a National NGO, the Democracy Development Programme followed by spending three years at ACCORD then moved to securing the business space going on nine years before returning to ACCORD in January 2019. Her current position as Coordinator within the ACCORD’s Operations and Business Development Division allows for a fully cooperative role between all the divisions of ACCORD.

Life is about choice and Manjula fully recommends necessary pauses between stimulus and response which allows for time to think and to grow given that change is a constant. Her passion involves women empowerment and she strongly believes in the notion of women supporting women. Manjula is also a proud mother of two sons.

Manjula Marimuthu