Zinurine Alghali

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Zinurine Abiodu Alghali was Coordinator of ACCORD’s Peacekeeping Unit which implemented the Training for Peace (TfP) in Africa Programme. The programme aimed to strengthen African civilian capacity for peace operations on the continent. His was responsible for the strategic direction and management of the Unit and its initiatives to ensure the realisation of the goals and objectives of the Peacekeeping Unit and the TfP Programme.

Zinurine is originally from Freetown, Sierra Leone and lived through the decade long civil war in his country. He has contributed to the enhancement of civilian capacity of African states, Regional Economic Communities (RECs), the African Union (AU) and the United Nations (UN) to prepare, plan, manage and monitor multi-dimensional peacekeeping and peacebuilding operations since he joined ACCORD for a six month internship in March 2008. Following the internship, he continued his contribution to the goals of the Unit and the TfP Programme as Programme Officer and Senior Programme Office before assuming the position of Coordinator in October 2011. Prior to joining ACCORD, he was Programmes Coordinator for Post-Conflict Reintegration Initiatives for Development and Empowerment (PRIDE) in Sierra Leone and contributed to peacebuilding in Sierra Leone for over five years.

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