Conflict Trends 2000/1

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By Doug BrooksHussein Solomon
Conflict watch
By Senzo Ngubane
Nigeria receives Africa Peace Award
By Hussein Solomon
Sierra Leone
Impunity Challenges the Peace
By Cedric de Coning
African Private Security
By Herb Howe
Vigilantes, Civil defence forces and militia groups
The other side of the privatisation of security in Africa
By Comfort Ero
Africa’s security in the new millennium
State or mercenary induced stability?
By Emmanuel Kwesi Aning
Write a cheque, end a war
Using private military companies to end African conflicts
By Doug Brooks
Keeping the new dog of war on a tight leash
Assessing means of accountability for private military companies
By Patrick J. Cullen
Searching for peace in Africa: An overview of conflict prevention and management activities
Book Review
Reviewed by Roland Henwood
Book Review
Reviewed by Senzo Ngubane
East Timor: A new beginning
By Cedric de Coning
Sudanese women’s study tour
By Kemi Ogunsanya
South Africa & Indonesia: Conflict Resolution, Truth and Reconciliation
By Dan Wohlgemut
Renaissance Barometer
By Senzo Ngubane