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Conflict Trends 2006/3

 1 Jul 2006
By Vasu Gounden
The Future of Peacekeeping in Africa
By Cedric de Coning
The Role of the UN Peace-Building Commission in International Peace and Security
By Nicole Deller
The Concept of Developmental Peace Missions
Implications for the Military and Civilians
By Richard Gueli & Sybert Liebenberg
Civil-Military Coordination and UN Peacebuilding Operations
By Cedric de Coning
Public Information as a Mission Critical Component of West African Peace Operations
By Charlie Hunt
A Participatory Approach to DDR
Empowering Local Institutions and Abilities
By Gwinyayi Albert Dzinesa
From Words to Deeds
Addressing Peacekeepers’ Violations of Human Rights
By Daniela Forte
The African Union’s Peacekeeping Experience in Darfur, Sudan
By Roba Sharamo
Situation Reports
ONUB – UN Mission to Burundi
UNAMSIL – UN Mission to Sierra Leone
MINURSO – UN Mission to Western Sahara
ONUCI – UN Mission to Côte d’Ivoire
By Hatungimana Adelin, Richard Kamidza, Godfrey Mulakazi & Daniel Vencovsky
Book Review
  • United Nations
  • Sudan
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