Conflict Trends

Conflict Trends 2009/1

Editorial By Vasu Gounden…

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By Vasu Gounden
Resolving Land Disputes in Burundi
By Jenny Theron
Effectively Confronting a Regional Threat
Somali Piracy
By Brian Wilson
The Challenges of Small Arms and Light Weapons in Africa
By Rachel Stohl & Doug Tuttle
Explaining the December 2008 Military Coup d’í‰tat in Guinea
By Issaka K. Souaré
Migration and Xenophobia in South Africa
By Christy McConnell
Reconciliation, Truth and Justice
Confronting the Dilemmas
By Tendaiwo Peter Maregere
Questioning Reintegration Processes in Northern Uganda
By Grace Maina
Book Review
Reviewed by Sadiki Koko