Conflict Trends 2011/1

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By Vasu Gounden
Transitional Justice and Political Pre-transition in Zimbabwe
By Ismael Muvingi
African Initiatives towards Creating Killing-free Societies
By Gregory Bourne
A Source of Conflict and a Resource for Peace
By Tendaiwo Peter Maregere
International Prosecution or Political Compromise
Which Way for the African Union in the Darfur Crisis?
By Isaac Terwase Sampson
Understanding Rape in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
By Christy Gillmore
Protection from Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Liberia
A Role for Traditional Justice?
By Niels Nagelhus Schia & Benjamin de Carvalho
Liberia after the Civil War
Victims Demand for Reparation
By Ibrahim Al-bakri Nyei
Small Arms and Light Weapons Proliferation and Human Security in Nigeria
By Freedom C. Onuoha