Conflict Trends 2012/1

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By Vasu Gounden
Assessing the African Union’s Response to the Libyan Crisis
By Sadiki Koko & Martha Bakwesegha-Osula
Emergent Conflict Resolution at Sea off Africa
By Francois Vreí¿
Morocco’s Equity and Reconciliation Commission
A New Paradigm for Transitional Justice
By Catherine Skroch
Crowdsourcing as a Tool in Conflict Prevention
By Anne Kahl, Christy McConnell & William Tsuma
The Boko Haram Uprising and Insecurity in Nigeria
Intelligence Failure or Bad Governance?
By Odomovo S. Afeno
Unclear Criteria for Statehood and its Implications for Peace and Stability In Africa
By Abebe Aynete
A Critical Analysis of Cultural Explanations for the Violence in Jonglei State, South Sudan
By Østein H. Rolandsen & Ingrid Marie Breidlid