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Conflict Trends 2012/2

 2 Jul 2012
By Vasu Gounden
The Protection of Civilians in Peacekeeping in Africa
Context and Evolution
By Gustavo De Carvalho & Andreas í˜ien Stensland
The Protection of Civilians
A Comparison between United Nations and African Union Peace Operations
By Seth Appiah-Mensah & Rachel Eklou-Assogbavi
AMISOM and the Protection of Civilians in Somalia
By Walter Lotze & Yvonne Kasumba
The Protection of Civilians in Peace Support Operations
Lessons from Côte d’Ivoire
By Kwesi Aning & Naila Salihu
The Protection of Civilians in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
By Baptiste Martin
The Duty of an Intervention Force to Protect Civilians
A Critical Analysis of NATO’s Intervention in Libya
By John-Mark Iyi
The Exploitation of Civilians by Peacekeeping Soldiers in Africa
The Motivation of Perpetrators and the Vulnerability of Victims
By Odomovo S. Afeno
  • United Nations
  • NATO
  • African Union
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