Conflict Trends 2013/1

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By Vasu Gounden
The Evolving Mediation Capacity of the Southern African Development Community
By Henrik Hartmann
Political Deadlock in Libya and Syria
By Adan E. Suazo
A Reconsideration of Force Theory in Nigeria’s Security Architecture
By Agaptus Nwozor
Customary Institutions and Traditions in Pastoralist Societies
Neglected Potential for Conflict Resolution
By Luke Glowacki & Katja Gönc
A Creative Approach to Measuring Reconciliation in Rwanda
By Ian S. McIntosh
Affirmative Action and Women’s Empowerment in Ghana
Challenges to a Growing Democracy
By Beatrice T. Torto
South Sudan
Livestock Patrol Unit Gives Hope to Jonglei State
By Brenda Ammeraal