Conflict Trends 2014/1

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By Vasu Gounden
Has the Rise of China in Africa made Democratisation Less Likely?
By Akin Iwilade
Preventing Violent Conflict in Somalia
Traditional and Constitutional Opportunities
By Rachel Morrow
South Sudan’s 2013 Resurgent Political Crisis
Through the Lens of Social Capital
By Robert Gerenge
Connections and Disconnections
Understanding and Integrating Local Perceptions in United Nations Peacekeeping
By Niels Nagelhus Schia, Ingvild Magní¦s GjelsvikJohn Karlsrud
The Anatomy of Mass Accountability
Confronting Ideology and Legitimacy in Rwanda’s Gacaca Courts
By Janet McKnight
What it Takes to Bring Peace to the Eastern DRC
By Pierrette Quintiliani
Amnesty at Risk
Is the Niger Delta Sliding Back into Instability?
By Daniel E. Agbiboa