Conflict Trends 2014/2

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By Vasu Gounden
Modern United Nations Peacekeeping
Towards a Holistic Approach to Addressing Conflict
By Seun Abiola & John Otte
Transnational Security Threats and Challenges to Peacekeeping in Mali
By Kwesi Aning
The Shift to Stabilisation Operations
Considerations for African Peace Support Operations
By Yvonne Akpasom & Walter Lotze
Enhancing the Efficiency of the African Standby Force
The Case for a Shift to a Just-in-time Rapid Response Model?
By Cedric de Coning
The Evolving Role of International Policing in Peacebuilding Processes
By Gustavo de Carvalho
How Can the African Standby Force Support Humanitarian Action?
By Barbara Mohale
Fact Files
SADC Standby Force
Preparation of Peacekeeping Personnel
By Olivia Victoria Davies
The Impact of Peacekeeping Operations
Successful United Nations Initiatives in Response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
By Seun Abiola & Nkateko Jannet Chauke