Mediator’s Voice

In seeking to strengthen mediation practices in Africa, ACCORD conducts training, policy support, research, knowledge production and management on mediation. Thus, ACCORD documents the experiences of mediators in the Peace Mediator newsletter focusing on the good practices, lessons learnt, challenges and recommendations on mediation support. The Peace Mediator is the AU Mediation Support Capacity Programme’s communication package, focusing on the mediation efforts undertaken by the partners (the African Union, ACCORD and the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI)) of the Programme.

To highlight these experiences, ACCORD interviews mediators. In the first issue of the Peace Mediator, Madame Catherine Samba-Panza, interim President of the Central African Republic (2014-2016) and His Excellency Edem Kodjo, a member of the Panel of the Wise, shared some of their insights and experiences in mediation. The original French versions and the English translated versions of the interviews are both included.

Catherine Samba-Panza

Catherine Samba-Panza served as the interim president of the Central African Republic from 2014-2016. In an interview for this newsletter, Mme Samba-Panza shared her experiences and insights in her field and particularly on mediation.

Edem Kodjo

Edem Kodjo is the Former Secretary General of the OAU, the Former TOGO Prime Minister and the President of PAX AFRICANA. He has been appointed many times as a Mediator or Facilitator by institutions such as the AU, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the OIF, and the UN.

ACCORD Mediators Voice

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