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Twenty Four Years of Contributing to Peace

 2 Jun 2016

Since 1992, ACCORD has played an integral role in conflict resolution activities across Africa. As an Institute operating in the field of conflict prevention, resolution, and management, ACCORD specifically intervenes through mediation, negotiation and training activities. The Institute’s interventions approach is recognised by the UN as a viable model for supporting peace. In September 2005, ACCORD became the first African NGO in history to address the UN Security Council.

ACCORD has, for the past 23 years, been building the capacity of Africa’s leaders to resolve conflict and to address the underlying political barriers to growth and stability.

ACCORD’s current five-year vision (2012–2016) is to promote dialogue towards building peaceful co-existence in an inter-dependent world. This vision seeks to bring to the fore the understanding that all people should enjoy basic freedoms, socio-economic development and human rights. It recognises that there is a myriad of common global challenges facing humanity today that require continued engagement, discussion and dialogue among key stakeholders in order to find durable solutions.

This vision informs ACCORD’s strategic intent to use its resources and programmes to continue to play a meaningful role in developing mechanisms and capabilities to respond to, manage and transform conflicts.

In doing so ACCORD continues to be guided by its objectives which include:

  • To facilitate the introduction of, support for, and sustainability of conflict management interventions in conflict affected societies
  • To utilise the analysis of conflict to conceptualise programmes in conflict prevention, peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding
  • To enhance policy, research and practice in the field of conflict management and to contribute towards sustainable peace and development in Africa and beyond
  • United Nations
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