Somalia Initiative

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A woman stands above her crops on a platform, keeping a lookout for birds, near the town of Jowhar, Somalia (UN PHOTO/Tobin Jones)

While ACCORD has been actively involved in supporting the establishment of sustainable peace in Somalia since 1995, in 2013 ACCORD initiated a dedicated programme aimed at supporting the realisation of the Six Pillar Strategy of the Federal Government. ACCORD’s Somali Initiative seeks to contribute to long-term stability, and to better capacitate the administrative elements of the country’s Federal Government. The Federal Government of Somalia is the result of years of concerted effort by Somalis, as well as the international community, to address endemic instability. This relatively new government faces a number of challenges, encapsulated within their Six Pillar framework, with particular reference to issues around safety, reconciliation, economic recovery, governance, rule of law and amicable regional relations. The Initiative intends to make contributions within each of these areas by leveraging ACCORD’s extensive experience in institution- and capacity-building, in order to impart critical conflict management skills and expertise to targeted stakeholders.

Through strategic partnerships and collaboration, the Initiative undertakes continuous research activities, engages daily with key government and civil society stakeholders, supports national and regional policy development, and advocates for dialogue as a constructive overarching means to advance reconciliation.


Over the years ACCORD has built solid relationships with Somali interlocutors at various levels of engagement in the peace processes that sought to stabilise the country. Through consultations, field missions, publications, study tours, facilitated dialogue session and support to international response the organisation has developed a unique understanding of the country’s issues, processes and peace initiatives.

The work in Somalia is further informed by ACCORD’s 23 years of experience in the areas of mediation and conflict management. The programme is funded by the Government of South Africa through the African Renaissance Fund.