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    ACCORD Trains Refugee Camp Leaders in Rhino Refugee Camp Base, Northern Uganda

    22 Aug 2017
    Uganda Refugees

    Equipping refugee leaders with conflict analysis and mapping tools, and facilitating discussions linking their individual mandates to conflict sensitive approaches.

    ACCORD, in collaboration with Community Empowerment for Rehabilitation and Development (CEFoRD), organised a training in Conflict Sensitivity for South Sudanese Refugee Camp leaders in Rhino Refugee Camp Base, Arua, Northern Uganda from 26 to 28 July 2017.

    This followed a similar training conducted in April, which brought together Refugee Camp leaders and Host Community representatives to equip them with conflict management skills and knowledge in order to help prevent, mitigate, and resolve various conflicts. These interventions have been undertaken in response to tensions among various refugee groups, and between refugees and the host community in Northern Uganda over a number of converging drivers of conflict, such as competition over scarce resources, ethnic divisions carried over from South Sudan, and limited service delivery.

    Based on recommendations from partner organizations on the ground and participants of the previous training, this activity was held in the Rhino refugee base camp, and involved 35 participants from various villages/settlements in the Camp. Training focussed on engaging the refugee leaders to identify key drivers of conflict in their contexts, equipping them with conflict analysis and mapping tools, and facilitating discussions and presentations linking their individual mandates as Refugee Camp leaders to the conflict sensitive approaches they had learned.

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