ACCORD examines Liberia’s justice and security sector reform

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Like many other countries ravaged by war, Liberia has experienced challenges with developing and maintaining effective security and justice systems since the end of the 14-year civil war. The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) recently published a Policy & Practice Brief (PPB) which analyses the justice and security sector in the West African country. Co-authored by ACCORD's Abu Sherif and Independent Researcher Dr Grace Maina, the PPB titled 'Enhancing security and justice in Liberia: The regional hub model' analyses the efforts of the Government of Liberia and members of the international community post-war to ensure sustainable peacebuilding and security sector reform in Liberia.

Latest Policy & Practice Brief examines Zimbabwe and Kenya’s post-peace agreement polls

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International attention is mounting as Kenya and Zimbabwe approach their first general elections following the signing of peace agreements and subsequent implementation of transitional governance for roughly five years. Both countries became theatres of post-election violence in 2008. In the wake of the upcoming polls, ACCORD has published a Policy & Practice Brief examining the current state of affairs in the two countries, particularly the conditions under which the 2013 elections will be held, and generating recommendations towards enhancing the credibility and outcomes of these polls.

ACCORD internal staff seminar explores effectiveness of non-violent action in conflict prevention

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On 1 February 2013 Dr Dieter Lünse, Head of the Institute of Conflict Management and Mediation based in Hamburg, Germany, was the guest presenter at an Internal Staff Seminar held at ACCORD House in Durban. Dr Lünse's presentation focused on discussing the effectiveness of non-violent action and civic courage in bringing about social change and resolving conflict.

ACCORD recognised as 4th top think tank in Sub Sahara Africa

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ACCORD has been recognized, for the third year running, in the recently released annual "Global Go To Think Tanks" Report released by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Programme at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. The ranking puts ACCORD 4th out of Think Tanks in Sub-Sahara Africa, 37th worldwide (Non U S) and 61st worldwide (US included).

ACCORD's Burundi staff trained in peacebuilding

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In collaboration with ACCORD's Burundi office, the organisation's Peacebuilding Unit organized a 3-day peacebuilding workshop for Burundi Intervention office staff, to enhance the staff's skills and understanding of peacebuilding challenges in Burundi. The workshop also looked at identifying possible engagements to enhance sustainable peacebuilding in Burundi.

ACCORD hosts debate on the APRM in celebration of its 10th anniversary

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The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), operating under the auspices of the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD), is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The APRM has consistently charted the progress, challenges and opportunities African countries face in promoting democratic consolidation, good governance and socio-economic development. In its tenth year, it is self-reflecting on the milestones it has achieved, the challenges inherent, and the opportunities ahead.

ACCORD publishes Policy & Practice Brief on political impasse in Madagascar

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ACCORD has published a Policy & Practice Brief titled The troubled road to peace: Reflections on the complexities of resolving the political impasse in Madagascar which examines and discusses the key factors inhibiting the island nation's efforts to resolve the political impasse which has affected peace and development since 2009, and move towards peaceful elections.

ACCORD publishes Occasional Paper on forms of justice in post-conflict Sierra Leone

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The paper 'Justice and peacebuilding in post-conflict situations: An argument for including gender analysis in a new post-conflict model' examines different forms of justice employed in post-conflict situations, focussing specifically on Sierra Leone. Author Lesley Connolly outlines here how many of these approaches ultimately fail to address the concerns of some survivors, especially women.

ACCORD partners with the AU in Peace Torch ceremony at African Cup of Nations

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ACCORD partnered with the Africa Union (AU) on Saturday, 19 January 2013, by sponsoring twenty two children (both boys and girls) from Alexandra in Gauteng, South Africa, to participate in the Peace Torch Ceremony during the opening ceremony of the African Cup of Nations. The children were selected from the Alexandra Football Association, which runs football and other activities for young children from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and impoverished homes.

ACCORD supports implementation of New Deal in DRC

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ACCORD's Peacebuilding Unit has conducted a 4-day workshop on the implementation of the New Deal in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The New Deal is a new approach in which the international community engages with fragile states to enhance sustainable peacebuilding and statebuilding. The DRC pilots the implementation of the New Deal and the workshop's objectives were to enhance participants understanding of the process, its policies and implementations and also to enhance participants' skills sets on monitoring and evaluation in the implementation of the New Deal.

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