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Integrating Traditional and Modern Conflict Resolution

Experiences from selected cases in Eastern and the Horn of Africa

By Martha Mutisi
Conflict resolution under the Ekika system of the Baganda in Uganda
By Ashad Sentongo & Andrea Bartoli
Local conflict resolution in Rwanda
The case of abunzi mediators
By Martha Mutisi
Traditional authority and modern hegemony
Peacemaking in the Afar region of Ethiopia
By Kwesi Sansculotte-Greenidge & Demessie Fantaye
From war to peace and reconciliation in Darfur, Sudan
Prospects for the Judiyya
By Abdullahi Osman El-Tom
Customary mediation in resource scarcities and conflicts in Sudan
Making a case for the Judiyya
By Salomé Bronkhorst
By Martha Mutisi
  • Uganda
  • Sudan
  • Rwanda
  • Ethiopia
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