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Will the South Sudan Model Apply to Darfur?

For a long period of time, indications have shown that Sudan was heading for another serious conflict. In the last three decades, prominent figures like the British-American historian Bernard Lewis have been advancing the idea of the restructuring of the Middle East.

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ACCORD COVID-19 Conflict & Resilience Monitor

African Coups and Silencing the Guns Agenda in 2021

The goal of Silencing the Guns (STG) was to achieve a conflict-free Africa and rid the continent of all wars and conflicts. Conflicts have persisted, resulting in the STG agenda being extended to 2030, in the hope that by then Africa will have cured itself of the plague of conflict.

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Pastoralism, boundaries and disputes

This paper analyses the conflict between the Dinka Malual and Riziegat tribes over a small strip of land located in Kiir/Bahr al Arab, now called “the 14-Mile”. The paper examines the circumstances behind the creation of the 14-Mile by posing questions on whether the 14-Mile was a grazing corridor or a border line.

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