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ACCORD brings Burundian civil society and security forces together for dialogue

5 Apr 2010
Staff writer
Civil Society, Army and Police Officers during the Burundi Dialogue Session

ACCORD prepares Burundian authorities for the country’s upcoming election – which is foreseen to be a politically volatile situation.

ACCORD’S Burundi Intervention Unit facilitated a three-day dialogue session for local civil society leaders, army and police commanders in Gitega, Burundi, from 29-31 March, in preparation for the country’s 2010 local and national elections.

The dialogue session provided an avenue for civil society and security forces to jointly address issues that could trigger violence in the post-electoral period, and to formulate strategies for violence prevention and management. Participants were drawn from the central and eastern provinces of Burundi (Cankuzo, Gitega, Karuzi and Ruyigi). During the session, participants developed action plans to guide the conduct of peaceful elections.

Participants and facilitators in Bujumbura, Burundi where ACCORD conducted a Dialogue session in the build-up to the Burundi 2010 Elections.

ACCORD Senior Trainer, Ms Kemi Ogunsanya, and ACCORD Senior Programme Officer, Mr Adelin Hatungimana facilitated the dialogue. The session also included presentations from political experts from Burundi and Kenya.

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