ACCORD co-hosts a civil society meeting with swisspeace

A dialogue on best practises on Women Peace and Security .

ACCORD and swisspeace hosted a bilateral civil society meeting to exchange best practices on WPS and National Action Plan (NAP) Processes. The meeting opportunity was presented on the occasion of the 4th Capital Meeting of the Women, Peace and Security Focal Points Network (WPS FPN) co-hosted by the Republic of South Africa and Federal Government of Switzerland. 

South Africa recently adopted the South African National Action Plan through a collaborative approach encompassing three Government Ministries – The Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO), Ministry of Defence, and Ministry of Women, Children and People with Disabilities, as well as South African Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s).  

Switzerland is currently on its 4th Generation National Action Plan and will soon develop a 5th Generation National Action Plan. Three Swiss CSO’s swisspeace, cfd Christian Peace Service and PeaceWomen Across the Globe have come together to establish a platform for Swiss peacebuilding. This platform is hosted by swisspeace with the aim to lead discussions and contributions on the WPS National Action Plan for Switzerland. 

ACCORD together with swisspeace reflected on ways to strengthen collaboration with government on common areas of interest, particularly on National Action Plans on Resolution 1325. The sharing of experiences will guide in further collaboration and strengthened partnerships between government and civil society.  

ACCORD looks forward to continuing the conversation and identifying more strategies to inform the implementation of the WPS NAP’s at the local level.