ACCORD co-hosts the launching of the Innovative Leadership Programme

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ACCORD, the Durban University of Technology and the International Centre of Nonviolence co-hosted the launch of DUT's Innovative Leadership Programme.

The Innovative Leadership Initiative is a programme initiated in 2014 attended by students from various institutions. It is aimed at responding to the increasing challenges that young citizens encounter, on campus and elsewhere. In an effort to contribute towards eliminating and responding towards social challenges, the programme is implemented to impart knowledge and skills, particularly for youth to encourage sustainable development. In South Africa, violence has become a norm and generally accepted by youth as an appropriate response to political, economic and social challenges in society. A history of hostile societies, characterized by racial stereotypes, has continued to articulate the challenges in South African society today. With poor social welfare and continuous unemployment, these conditions offer solid grounds for pro-longed violence to occur in the country. The program aims to nurture and instill a spirit of service. In so doing, the Initiative emphasizes dialogue across youth in various contexts – in terms of gender, race, age, and nationality.

In launching the Programme, the Initiative received a turnout of 45 out of the 58 (77.58%) students who were accepted into the Programme. Students are expected to work on outreach projects that provide them with an opportunity to apply the approaches and views discussed during the course and submit a written academic assignment. Some of the projects will include dialogue on race and racism, the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, leadership for sustainable development and so on.

Article by:

Melody Mbwadzawo Siangombe
Programme Officer: Peacemaking Unit