ACCORD conducts election-focused conflict management training for Burundi youth

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As part of a series of initiatives planned by ACCORD to promote and sustain peace in Burundi before, during and after the upcoming elections, the Burundi Intervention conducted a conflict management training session for youth leaders from 21-26 February 2010 in Ngozi.

 Participants were drawn from the northern provinces of Burundi (Kayanza, Kirundo, Ngozi and Muyinga) and included ex-combatants, members of political parties, students, youth religious leaders, and youth activists. Youths have been used as instruments of violence at various times in Burundi’s history and the northern provinces have the highest concentration of youths.

The training session was facilitated by Mr. Jerome Sachane, Deputy Director of ACCORD and Mr. Adelin Hatungimana, Senior Programme Officer at the ACCORD Bujumbura Office. The week included dialogue between youths of opposing views, lessons from Kenya, and conflict management skills shared by the Bashingantahe.
The training session formed part of a nationwide non-violence prevention campaign during the electoral period and was conducted in collaboration with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES).

For more information, please contact Mr. Adelin Hatungimana at or Tel. +257 22 248 914.