ACCORD implements Conflict Management Training in the DRC

26 Sep 2018

Flag of the DRC
The flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (centre) flying at United Nations headquarters in New York (UN Photo/Loey Felipe)

Increasing key stakeholders' skills and knowledge on various aspects related to conflict mitigation.

Following country consultations in August with key stakeholders in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) towards identifying how to build a national resilience to achieve sustainable peace after national peace processes, ACCORD on 17-21 September 2018 implemented a training on Conflict Management in the DRC. The training aimed to contribute towards national peacebuilding efforts by strengthening the pre-existing knowledge and the skill-sets on conflict mitigation.

The training, to a large extent, increased participants’ knowledge and skills on conflict mitigation and related aspects. Participants were able to make contributions based on their own experiences and shared specific examples from the different geographical areas that they worked in. The group presentations on conflict analysis and stakeholder mapping in the country was an indication of participants understanding of the content. There was progressive increment in sharing of opinions amongst the participants as networks were built and linkages explored.

Through the application of presentations, case studies and practical exercises, the training further enhanced the overall competence of the government, civil society and academia representatives to consolidate their capacity in conflict management, negotiation and mediation skills in their interventions to enhance national infrastructures for peace in DRC. This project will help ACCORD to continuously understand the evolving context in the DRC.

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