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ACCORD/TfP participate in 3rd Annual Civilian Strategic Support Group and 10th Annual Civilian Component Meeting

31 Oct 2018
PoC site
New arrivals at the protection of civilians (PoC) site adjacent to the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) base have access to water and basic structures for shelter (UN Photo/Nektarios Markogiannis)

Meetings bringing together AU Regional Economic Communities, Regional Mechanisms and Training Institutions to identify civilian issues in Peace Support Operations.

ACCORD/TfP in partnership with the NUPI provided substantive technical funding support that included support to the management and coordination of the 3rd Annual CSSG that is also the 10th Meeting of the Civilian Component of the African Standby Force (ASF). The 3rd meeting of the CSSG – whose theme was “Strengthening the coordination between the African Union (AU), Regional Economic Communities and Regional Mechanisms (RECs/RMs) and Missions for the enhancement of the Civilian Component of the ASF and the AU Peace Support Operations (PSOs)” – met in the AU compound from 17th to 18th October 2018.

Analysing the progress achieved thus far, representatives from participating stakeholder institutions included; the African Union (AU)/Regional Economic Communities (REMs)/Regional Mechanisms (RMs), Training Centres of Excellence (TCEs) and Training Institutions (TIs), as well as partners who made presentations highlighting the challenges that are inhibiting the realisation of the full involvement of civilians in PSOs.

The meeting further identified many gaps and challenges that are associated with the issues of the civilian in PSOs and agreed that these were causes for the general frustrations that discourage interest to get involved among civilians. In concluding the meeting, it there was an agreement on the need to increase efforts to improve the issues to do with the civilian dimension of the ASF and this included the limited funding support to civilians PSOs in missions.

Participation in activities such as the CSSG meeting is in line with ACCORD/TfP Programme’s strategic goal of supporting efforts at strengthening the AUC and regional capacity and capability to plan, manage and implement PSOs on the continent through the enhancement of the ASF capacities of the civilian component. This initiative also seeks to contribute to improved sustainable capacity for the conduct of peace operations on the continent through ensuring effective operational capability and functioning of organizational systems in the UN/AU/RECs/RMs and the civilian dimension of PSOs.

The Training for Peace Programme at ACCORD is an initiative funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

ACCORD/TfP was represented by Brig. Gen. James Machakaire, Coordinator, Peacekeeping Unit.

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