ACCORD’s Peacebuilding Unit conduct research trip to better understand dynamics at play in South Sudan

The Security Council arrives at the Juba International Airport for their visit to South Sudan (UN Photo/JC McIlwaine)

Coordination of a practical field research trip with ACCORD's South Sudan Initiative.

In order to be relevant and contextualised to a changing environment, the Peacebuilding Unit at ACCORD conducted a research trip to Juba, South Sudan. Through meeting with peacebuilding partners and other actors on the ground, the Unit has deepened its understand of the complex dynamics on the ground and become more equipped and aware for ensuring upcoming engagements are quality, tailor-made, context-specific, timely and effective.

The Unit was represented by Ms Lesley Connolly and Ms Jill Baggerman. The two visited Juba, South Sudan from 9-12 June 2014 to meet with various partners and key stakeholders on the ground. The Unit worked closely with Mr Emile Yanaki Taban – Acting Coordinator of ACCORD’s South Sudan Initiative to conduct the research and meetings with partners and friends of ACCORD. Notable such meetings included those with the Peace Commission and various civil society organisations including the Organisation for Non-Violence and Development (ONAD), National NGO Forum, South Sudan Women Empowerment Network (SSWEN), Citizens for Peace and Change (CPC), Skills South Sudan, UNDP, the University of Juba, and others. These contributed to the Unit’s deeper understanding of the situation in the world’s newest country.

With the insights from this trip and with the strengthened communication with partners on the ground, ACCORD is ready to deliver custom-made and highly effective activities for capacity building of peacebuilding actors. Through continued engagements and swift responses to the situation on the ground, ACCORD is poised to stay with and provide timely, quality support to our South Sudan partners throughout the peacebuilding process.

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