Capacity Strengthening of Women-led NGOs and CBOs in South Africa

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Since June, 2021, ACCORD has been conducting a series of weekly conflict management training sessions for women-led non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community-based organisations (CBOs) in South Africa. These trainings, are part of a larger year-long initiative, that seek to capacitate these women-led organisations in a quest order to improve and support their management of conflict at the grassroots level. 

During the weeks of the 9th & 16th of August, the training – facilitated by Ms. Alison Lazarus,focused specifically on Negotiation Skills. Through interactive role play activities and analysis of different case studies, participants were shown how to practice negotiating in real life scenarios. The key outcomes of the session resulted in the understanding of negotiation as a concept wherein one has to be assertive, whilst ensuring that there is room for collaboration and accommodation of the different needs of each party involved in the process. As an accompaniment to negotiation, participants were also introduced to hard and soft bargaining skills, with a specific focus on application within circumstances. The facilitation process involved role plays and case studies which left participants feeling strengthened in their new formed skills and ready to attempt negotiation within their different areas of work.

In the following trainings to come, participants will be introduced to the skills of mediation and facilitation. This initiative locates itself in ACCORD strategic pillar 3: Enhanced Role of Women in Peace Processes. As such, ACCORD looks forward to continually contributing to the realisation of this strategic pillar and furthermore, facilitating the increased engagement and participation of women in all levels of peacebuilding as outlined by UNSC Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security.