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Filmmaker Nandita Das visits ACCORD

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On Thursday, 30 July 2009 ACCORD hosted international actor and film director Nandita Das. Ms Das was in Durban to attend the Durban International Film Festival where her first film as a director, Firaaq, was being launched. The film deals with the issue of religious violence and persecution of beliefs, set against the sectarian violence that took place in Gujarat in 2002, in which 3000 Muslims were killed.

 Remove the location and this could have been a story from anywhere in the world in which persecution, fear and hatred are breeding grounds for violence and destruction. It could have taken place in any number of countries in which ACCORD is working.

L-R: Samanta Deeplall (Finance Officer, ACCORD), Nandira Das, and Vasu Gounden (Founder and Executive Director, ACCORD), 30 July 2009, ACCORD House

The subject matter that Ms Das so vividly described rings too true for many causes of conflict. Religion, ethnicity, resources, land, political power and leadership are just a few of the many sources of conflict that need to be managed. Combining knowledge, skill and practical experience in conflict management ACCORD staff and Ms Das met to discuss various causing factors of conflict, its impact and its relevance for South Africa and the Continent.