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Reviewing the progress on implementing of the African Standby Force Training Directives

27 Oct 2018
Ugandan soldiers
Ugandan soldiers serving with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) are seen on the the back of military trucks in Afgoye as they prepare to deploy south of the town on the road to Merka (UN Photo/Stuart Price)

Bringing together key decision-makers at the Continental and Regional Planning Elements levels to coordinate and harmonise training activities.

The African Standby Force (ASF) Training Implementation Workshop (TIW) is an annual stock-taking activity on training and capacity development of the ASF. Its main aim is to coordinate and harmonize training activities with Regional Economic Communities and Regional Mechanisms (RECs/RMs) as well as coordination with Training Centres of Excellence and Training Institutions (TCEs/TIs) in accordance with the ASF Training Policy and Directives. It also offers the opportunity to engage with partners on the harmonisation of funding for continental and regional training activities in order to review and renew Annual Training Directives that guide training focus and priorities at Continental, Regional and Member States levels for the coming period.

In line with the above, the AU Commission (AUC) held the 10th Annual ASF TIW, that was hosted by the Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) in Nairobi, Kenya, from the 23-26 of October 2018. The 10th TIW brought together key decision-makers at the Continental and Regional Planning Elements (PLANELMs) levels to coordinate and harmonise training activities. This was done in accordance with ASF Training Policy and Directives and offered the AU and RECs/RMs an opportunity to confirm the focus and priority areas of the on-going ASF training at Continental, Regional and Member States levels. The Workshop also served as an opportunity for stocktaking and updating on the progress of current training directives in order to ascertain the required training provision from TCEs/TIs and support from partners.

Participation in activities that focus on peace operations training is in line with ACCORD/TfP Programme’s strategic goal of supporting efforts at strengthening the AUC, RECs/RMs and member states capability to plan, manage and implement Peace Support Operations on the continent through the enhancement of the ASF operational capacities. This initiative also seeks to contribute to improved sustainable capacity for the conduct of peace operations on the continent through ensuring effective peacekeeper behaviour, positive conduct and discipline, planning, management and execution of mission tasks that overally improve the operational capability and functioning of organizational systems in the UN/AU/RECs/RMs, member states and mission structures.

ACCORD/TfP provided funding support in a partnership with the AU PSOD to organise the event. The Training for Peace Programme at ACCORD is an initiative funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The workshop was attended by participants from the AU PSOD, the RECs/RMs, Member States, Current AU Peace Support Operations (PSO), APSTA, TCEs/TIs, and Partners. ACCORD/TfP was represented by James Machakaire, Precious Ngcobo and Sibusisiwe Nkosi, Programme Coordinator, Programme Administrator and Programme officer respectively in the Peacekeeping Unit.

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