Jannie Malan

Prof Jannie Malan is the former Managing Editor of the African Journal on Conflict Resolution published by ACCORD.

Jannie holds a B.A., Cand. Theology, Secondary Teacher’s Diploma, M.A. in Philosophy, M.Th. in New Testament and D.Phil. in Biblical Studies at the University of Stellenbosch. Research for the D.Phil. included a term as recognised student at the University of Oxford.

He worked as minister in the Dutch Reformed Church in Africa (8 years), High School teacher (4 years), lecturer, senior lecturer and professor in Biblical Studies (20 years), and as Head of Research at ACCORD (since 1993).

Prof. Malan has attended many conferences in the two fields of Biblical/Religious Studies and Conflict Studies, as well as a few courses in Conflict Resolution. He has presented several conference/seminar papers, as well as talks at meetings and seminars.

Publications include various conference papers and articles in the areas of Religion (propagating honest, contextual interpretation and multi-faith understanding), Education (advocating education towards mutual understanding, justice and peace) and Conflict Resolution, as well as a book on Conflict Resolution Wisdom from Africa (ACCORD 1997) and as Editor of Views and Visions of Coexistence in South Africa (ACCORD 2008).


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