Kemi Ogunsanya

Working throughout sub-Saharan Africa, Kemi Ogunsanya was a conflict prevention, mitigation, and response adviser with the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD). After beginning her career in negotiation and mediation, Ms. Ogunsanya expanded her work to include conflict and prevention, democracy building, and human rights work. She trained Congolese women to participate in the Sun City peace talks; instructed parliamentarians from Intergovernmental Authority for Development member states in advanced negotiation and mediation; coordinated the participation of 10 observer teams to the Election Observer Missions in South Africa and Malawi, in collaboration with the Electoral Institute of Southern Africa; organised training programs and curricula on peacekeeping with numerous sectors of civil society, including domestic observers and monitors in Nigeria for the 1998 national elections, as well as military, police, and civilian peacekeepers at the South Africa Development Community Regional Peacekeeping Centre in Harare, Zimbabwe; and conducted training programs on the use of rape – and consequently HIV/AIDS – as a weapon of war.