Conflict Trends 1999/4

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By Hussein Solomon
Breaking the cycle
Light weapons and conflict in Africa
By Jeffrey Boutwell
Small arms in Somaliland
Local control could be a first step
By Ulf Terlinden & Ekkehard Forberg
Water and conflict in an African context
By Anthony Turton
Managing conflicts in Africa
Building the capacity of the OAU
By Lori Newman & Anand Balachandran
Women, security and human rights in Southern Africa
By Louise Vincent
A new lease on life for the SADC Organ
By Cedric de Coning
Facilitating participation by Sudanese women in the peace process
By Sylva van Rosse & Ruta Hakim
Conflict Watch & Renaissance Barometer
Book Review
Reviewed by Kwezi Mngqibisa
Book Review
Reviewed by Senzo Ngubane