Conflict Trends

Issue 2021/4

This publication focuses on analysing and reporting on trends in current and emerging conflicts and their resolution on the African continent.


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This Issue of Conflict Trends begins with a wider look at the continent and the recent coup epidemic that highlights the challenges of the African Union’s framework on Unconstitutional Changes of Government. Related, but at the regional level, the political and constitutional reforms in West African countries challenges the role of ECOWAS in advancing democracy and stability. In Nigeria specifically, banditry is explained through Situational Action Theory, while Situational Crime Prevention offers practical solutions for the problem. In Burkina Faso, state sponsored defence militias can undermine efforts to combat violence and restore peace, when these militias exacerbate distrust and insecurity. At the larger civil society and community level the interaction of mass media and social media in fueling ethnic violence in Ethiopia, is examined. In addition, building community platforms for resilience, early warning and dialogue are important aspects of Infrastructures of Peace and integrating national peace structures.