ACCORD occasionally publishes in-depth books on conflict resolution themes. They form part of ACCORD's work to inform peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding. They aim to provide succinct, rigorous and accessible research to stimulate informed and relevant debate to promote dialogue as a way to peacefully resolve conflict.
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ACCORD Power Of Collectives

The Power of Collectives

22 Mar 2018
Accord Protecting Civilians Au Peace Operations

Protecting Civilians in African Union Peace Support Operations

29 Mar 2017

Deconstructing Women, Peace and Security

31 Mar 2016

The African Union’s Panel of the Wise

26 Jan 2016
Accord Peacebuilding Handbook French

Manuel d’ACCORD sur la consolidation de la paix

19 Nov 2015

ACCORD Peacebuilding Handbook

19 Nov 2015

African Union Mediation Support Handbook

13 Oct 2014
Book - ACCORD - Conflict Adaptation

Conflict-sensitive adaptation to climate change in Africa

12 Sep 2014
Book - ACCORD - Conversations with Athisaari

Conversations with Ahtisaari

1 Nov 2012
Book - ACCORD - Views and visions of coexistence in South Africa

Views and Visions of Coexistence in South Africa

19 Jan 2009
Cimic Handbook

Civil-Military Coordination in UN & Africa Peace Operations

8 May 2008
Conflict Resolution Wisdom From Africa

Conflict Resolution Wisdom From Africa

8 May 2008
Conflict Management For Peacekeepers And Peacebuilders

Conflict Management for Peacekeepers and Peacebuilders

8 May 2007